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"I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream of warm impermanence" - David Bowie, "Changes"
Being part of a creative economy company like 24symbols means that change is part of our routine. Every week, almost every day, something happens that we had never faced before: technical challenges, creative agreement clauses to negotiate or business development opportunities, … you name it.

Some of you may already know, specially if you read Spanish, or are keen on using google translate on anything bookish, that my partner Aitor Grandes has stepped off his role as CEO of 24symbols, in order to pursue new ventures. He remains as non-executive president of the board, and continues to provide key insights in our weekly meetings with David, Ángel and the rest of the team.

That also means I'm the new CEO of the company. This is just part of our evolution. Most of you know me, as I’ve been the public face of 24symbols in our relationship with international publishers, investors and partners. As our growth continues, we needed to show the importance of the international scale in our structure.

Nothing changes… as we are always changing. But rest assured that the interests of our partners are the milestone of everything we do. The new launches in Germany and US, the enhancements in our reporting and metadata management tools, the audiobooks service, … everything is meant to build a long-lasting company with long-term relationships along the way. Let me know if there’s anything you want to discuss about how to strengthen this with you.


P.S. You may have noticed I haven't said anything about how I plan to take 24symbols to new heights. We prefer to act rather than talk -though we also enjoy the latter :)-  so why don't you subscribe to our newsletter to find out? It's free, as it is registering to 24symbols!

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