Learning about viruses and their impact with the Singularity University


In the last weeks many of us have learnt more about epidemiology and viruses than what we would have liked. We learn when we need it, and now we feel the need to understand what is going on and find some truth amongst fake news. politically inclined messages and the innate fear we all have when we face an invisible enemy.

A week ago my good friend Gonzalo Torres told me about the Singularity University COVID-19 Summit, where they hosted a plethora of experts aroun the topic. I have not had time to watch all of the videos, but I wanted to fully recommend, at least, the two first ones, where Dr. Divya Chander and Dr. Daniel Kraft explain the details of what viruses are, how they propagate and how we can mitigate it.

Albeit I am not a total fan of the Singularity University, these videos are totally spot on and while many of us already have unfortunately learnt much about the topics, these are very clearly exposed.

This is the link to the whole summit in YouTube, and below you can find the first video that provides an overview of COVID-19 and, most interestingly, the actions that are being performed. It is amazing how things are advancing from one week to the next.


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