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Spending the holidays with brain-computing interfaces, EEG data and Python

  A few days ago I published a post on LinkedIn about my holiday project on brain-computing interfaces (BCI). I decided a blog post made more sense for me so here it goes! I have been interested in neuroscience for years. Actually, one of my first pet projects for a company was an emotional intelligence business. It didn't go far because I quickly understood how little we know about the actual functioning of the brain.But I continued reading incredible books such as everything I could find by Antonio Damasio, The Brain that Changes itself, the amazing Phantoms in the Brain, again anything written by Oliver Sacks, or a book I wasn't able to finished, The Quest for Consciousness, by Christof Koch. A special shoutout to The Mind's I. A mix of neuro and philosophical articles that just blew my mind (no pun intended) :) Some years later I purchased an EEG device via Kickstarter and I learned more about what we actually know and can do with the outputs of our brain.  I also had

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