Brain fog


I have been thinking lately about forgetfulness in our daily lives. We are not perfect and we all forget stuff. The thing is when is something to start worrying about? Not referring now to horrible diseases like Alzheimer, but more about how stress, anxiety, or simply too many things on our plate can make us feel this brain fog

In my case, this has not been a good school year (September to August) with some bad (and one after the other) personal news that have been testing my typically stoic approach to life. On the outside, I think I have been able to manage it, but this brain fog I mentioned is something that I clearly notice. It is not something constant. A good Friday night sleep and I am another person on Saturday. Less than a month ago I reviewed the first draft of my book in a 4-hour stand with no problem at all. But it all goes quickly down the drain. And with a summer holiday, typically battery recharging for me, with also some bad stuff going on -some of it also caused by this forgetfulness-, I am afraid this will not go away. 

I've read in some medical sources that this brain fog may be caused by, among others:

  • Too much time with computers and phones. 
  • Stress.
  • Diet.
  • No exercise. 
  • Alcohol, smoking, too much coffee. 
  • No enjoyable activities.

In my case I guess I can have 3 or 4 of those and I have been working it out lately, specially after the pandemic let me totally out of shape. But it has not been enough at all. So I will do my best to start this new school year with: 

  • More exercise (currently 2x a week, should go to 4x). 
  • Better diet (or, in my case, the diet is good, but snacks are too much of a temptation to me!)
  • Lowering the stress levels -which I am typically quite good at, but just in case... life and work have to be enjoyed, not survived. 
  • Enjoyable activities. I enjoy what I do, but it is true that my professional obligations plus related stuff (teaching, writing my book, attending courses) are too similar in scope and range.  Even when I draw I do it in pretty weird ways. While not quickly, I should try to find something completely different, like basketball again :)

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Anonymous said…

although it's not related tot story telling drawing, there's an interesting book you may already know and it's a best seller from Betty Edwards:

New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook: Guided Practice in the Five Basic Skills of Drawing ( ). I haven't found it in 24Symbols ;-)

There are more editions (check and it may help with relaxing by drawing or with post-holiday depression :-D

I wish you a great course start. Take care and best regards!


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