Los que me conocen reconocerán esto...

Tomado de un artículo del Scientific American:
"What's That Song?
Music has also entered the search engine landscape. A key problem in finding a specific tune is how to best formulate the search query. One type of solution is to use musical notation or a musical transcription-based query language that permits a user to specify a tune by keying in alphanumeric characters to represent musical notes. Most users, however, find it difficult to transform the song they have in mind to musical notation.

The Meldex system, designed by the New Zealand Digital Library Project, solves the problem by offering a couple of ways to find music. First, a user can record a query by playing notes on the system's virtual keyboard. Or he or she can hum the song into a computer microphone. Last, users can specify song lyrics as a text query or combine a lyrics search with a tune-based search.

To make the Meldex system work, the New Zealand researchers had to overcome several obstacles: how to convert the musical query to a form that could be readily computed; how to store and search song scores digitally; and how to match those queries with the stored musical data. In the system, a process called quantization identifies the notes and pitches in a query. Meldex then detects the pitches as a function of time automatically by analyzing the structure of the waveforms and maps them to digital notes. The system stores both notes and complete works in a database of musical scores. Using data string-matching algorithms, Meldex finds musical queries converted into notes that correspond with notes from the scores database. Because the queries may contain errors, the string-matching function must accommodate a certain amount of " noise."


En este paper se explica con algo más de detalle.

Intento pensar que esto es bueno, que las ideas no pertenecen a una única persona. Que ya se veía venir hace años y que ya entonces llevaba tres o cuatro años dándole vueltas... de hecho, esto demuestra que la innovación es algo más que creatividad, sino que implica un "llevar a buen puerto".


Jejeje, todavía recuerdo el día en que nos lo contaste en clase. A ver si para tu siguiente idea genial no se te adelantan.

Sigue adelante con tu blog. Mola.
Justo Hidalgo said…
Gracias Manuel por tu comentario y por leer este blog. Suerte a ti, aunque creo que no te hace mucha falta! En cuanto a mis ideas... pues desgraciadamente no tengo muchas, y las que tengo tardo en ponerlas en práctica... tengo que potenciar más mi capacidad emprendedora, sin duda :)

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