Some books that I have read around Product Management in the last few years

Once in a while I like to talk about the books (and articles) that I have enjoyed reading while learning the craft of Product Management. A few years ago I compiled some of the most interesting to me in three articles, each of them focused on the three main areas of PM: Idea, Product and Business. This simplification of areas also served me as the name of my book, published now three years ago, about the topic.

Beyond that, I wanted to share a few ongoing images I typically use in my talks about product management. Initially, it was just one slide with the forty most interesting books I have read. However, the list has grown now so now I have three slides, one for each area. The design is, I know, horrible, but I continue adding (and removing) books, so I decided to leave it like that.

These are all books I have found some value from. In some cases, like most of the biographies, it's just some jewel or some understanding of what that founder did to achieve success or avoid failure. In others, I may have tens of pages of notes full of insights. But all were useful.

This is the list of books for ideation:

This is the list of books for product management, design and development:

This is the list of books for the business side:


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